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TB Ag Rapid Test新萄京娱乐场官方直营

Intended Use

The JD’s TB Ag test kit is for qualitative detection of M. tuberculosis bacillus in human sputum, body fluid and culture media samples.


【Brief Introduction

澳门新葡萄京网站赌场 rapid test is a kind of what manufacture genera combination and produces tuberculosis of bacteria secretion specificity after the scientific research successfully and manufactures its single immune body.

Many clinical specimens have recommended the use of liquid medium for primary culture and susceptibility testing identification test to achieve better and faster results. 澳门新葡萄京网站赌场rapid test had developed and found the TB’s secreted proteins that showed promise to Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria in a clinical specimen such as sputum or tissue fluid taken from the patient, even though liquid medium allows less time to detect the positive culture.



JD’s TB Ag rapid test utilizes the specificity of TB Antibodies against secrected proteins to develop a fast, simply, accurate and affordable diagnostic of TB antigen in specimen.